Starplus Friday Morning Hit


Starplus Friday Morning Hit
Eisenberg sues Lionsgate, new Scarface writer named, BBC issues apology over Clarkson and other news

This is a fantasy for me, I can still remember when I saw the film at 13 and it blew my mind

1: Eisenberg sues Lionsgate.
Jesse Eisenberg is bringing a $3 million lawsuit against Lionsgate Studios for falsely advertising his small role in the film Camp Hell. Eisenberg only had a five minute cameo in the 2007 movie but had been portrayed to have played a much bigger role. (Guardian)

2: Fassbender to play Noah.
Michael Fassbender could be playing Noah in a new movie after Christian Bale turned the role down. The film will stick closely to the biblical story. (independent)

3: Writer named for Scarface remake.
The writer of Training Day, David Ayer, has been giving the job of writing the new Scarface movie to be made by Universal Pictures. Ayer said: “This is a fantasy for me, I can still remember when I saw the film at 13 and it blew my mind.” (Deadline)

4: Director named for Bridget Jones 3.
The third Bridget Jones film will be directed by Peter Cattaneo, famous for The Full Monty, and it will be titled Bridget Jones’ Baby. The script has been penned by Helen Fielding who wrote the books that the first two films were based on. Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are all due to reprise their roles. (Totalfilm)

5: BBC apologises over Clarkson remarks.
The BBC has had to issue an apology after Jeremy Clarkson made a tongue-in-cheek comment that all striking public sector workers should be executed. The BBC got nearly 5,000 complaints. (Huffingtonpost)

6: Harinordoquy’s father comes to the rescue.
The father of french hard-as-nails No. 8 Imanol Harinordoquy runs on to the pitch to defend his son during a Biarritz Vs. Bayonne match.

7: The perfect paper plane.
A step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect paper plane. Just follow this guide and start tormenting your fellow office workers and family members. (Shortlist)

8: Urban Exploring (urbex).
Urban exploring or urbex as it is also known is a growing trend that sees people explore abandoned and non-abandoned structures and buildings and uncovering what lies inside and what secrets they may hold. Industrial structures, deserted mental asylums, dilapidated churches and unused drainage systems are just some of the targets hit by city voyagers. And it is not a new hobby as it dates back to the 1800’s. (Asylum)

9: Dane Cook focuses on serious roles.
Comedian and actor Dane Cook doesn’t come across as laugh-a-minute as he tries to forge a career as a more serious actor. (latimes)

10: Slow motion 6 foot balloon burst.
A six foot water balloon popped and captured on super-slow motion cameras looks impressive. But who knew the balloon would be so durable!

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