Starplus Thursday Evening Hit: Zach Braff screws a fan


Starplus Thursday Evening Hit: Zach Braff screws a fan
Zach Braff, Cher Lloyd, Lindsay Lohan, and Star Wars support the 99%
1: Zach Braff tweeted a pic of him screwing a fan
Always one for the double entendre, Zach attempts to make the headlines with a picture of him, screwdriver in hand. (via Twitter)

2: Cher Lloyd's transformation into star hasn't changed who she is. (via Mirror)

3: Lindsay Lohan back in handcuffs
Lindsay Lohan’s probation has been revoked, and she was led off in handcuffs from court yesterday. While people were not shocked at this news, the most news coverage of the story seems to be on beauty blogs, using her picture as a warning of how NOT to wear bronzer. We know make up wasn't top of your list of priorities, but you should prob bin that colour to avoid future incidents, just in case. (footage via TMZ) (pics via Daily Mail)

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4: Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap first became famous as one half of the duo Frou Frou. Now working as a solo artist, she has been working on a concept album since March where she samples 900 everyday sounds, or “sound seeds” sent in by fans. One new track from it is released every three months. Now she has released two tracks simultaneously. (via Perez Hilton)

5: Star Wars #OccupyWallSt
Is there any area of life that hasn’t been infiltrated by Star Wars? (via Buzznet)

6: Iconic photo of eviction at Traveller’s site on Dale Farm in the UK. (via Broadsheet)

7: Musical glasses
Have you ever wanted to join in with the musical folk at a party only to find that you’ve left your accordion in your other trousers? Well now you will never be left out again with musical glasses. These glasses sets come with marked levels so that when you run your finger along the rim your pitch will be perfect. (via Luna and Curious)

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