Starplus Thursday hit: all the showbiz-marriage goss


Starplus Thursday hit: all the showbiz-marriage goss
1: Batman Begins brake light decal mask kit
Use this brake light cover next to your "my other car is a Millenium Falcon" bumper sticker. That way everyone will know you're cool. (via Amazon)

2: Demi Moore’s seizure and hospitalisation was down to nitrous oxide
Demi Moore was rushed to hospital on Monday night after appearing to have a seizure. TMZ are claiming that she had inhaled dangerous levels of nitrous oxide, or whip-its - as the kids are apparently calling it these days. What an odd substance to abuse, when did oxycontin go out of fashion? (via TMZ)

3: Aw, Heidi’s still wearing her wedding ring too
We’re still quite upset that Hollywood’s rock solid couple have decided to call it a day. Seal seems to have spent the week attending US TV interviews declaring his everlasting love and respect for the five miracles in his life - heidi and their four children. It’s heartbreaking to see that Heidi returns the gesture by still wearing her ring too. (via TMZ)

4: Gwen and Gavin’s marriage is on the rocks
There seems to be something going around, and the latest couple hit with rocky-rumours is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. They’ve been together for ten years, and have been through more than their fair share of scandals including the discovery that Daisy Lowe is in fact Gavin’s daughter. There’s no official split, so we hope they can work it out. (via Celebitchy)

5: Mario Lopez gets his kit off
Ellen - from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

6: Ode to a kebab - the scent
GEORDIE Shore’s stars have launched their own perfume — which smells like doner kebabs The scent called Ameens is based on food sold by a local takeaway visited by the cast. Show newcomer Rebecca Walker (18) said: “I had no idea that the line ‘Ooh, I could murder a kebab’ would lead to all this.” Managing director Robin Taylor added: “Although it is reminiscent of a doner kebab, surprisingly the smell is delicate and fresh.” (via Irish Daily Star)

7: Sinead O’Connor’s marriage - the saga continues
Sinead O’Connor (45) has hinted her relationship with her hubby is back on. The Dubliner tweeted: “Yay. My sweet husband is coming home. Very happy girl. Must get pretty-fied by 8pm. Thank u God.” This story just goes on and on, with the drama of her on-again-off-again marriage keeping us hanging on her every tweet. (via Twitter)

8: Fassbender kept co-star relaxed by horsing around
New York burlesque star Calamit Y. Chang says Kerry hunk Michael Fassbender (34) made her feel relaxed ahead of sex scenes in the film Shame. She said Michael did impressions of Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando. (via Irish Daily Star)

9: spnKiX Motorized Shoes Kickstarter
Now answering the question on everyone's lips: where are our flying cars and motorized shoes?

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