Starplus Tuesday morning hit:


Starplus Tuesday morning hit:
1: Parrot lost in north Dublin
The search is on for this rare parrot missing in north Dublin who often squawks: “Up The Dubs!” and “Where’s Me Dinner?” Anybody who spots the bird is asked to give him his favourite food - grapes and contact the owners at: (via Irish Daily Star)

2: Bed-hopping Hugh Grant has apparently named his new half-Chinese lovechild Bamboo
We hope the child is taking her mother’s surname, Bamboo Grant doesn’t have much of a ring to it. (via Irish Daily Star)

3: Disney faces swap
So confusing. (via Disney Faces Swap)

4: Imogen Thomas sells laundry on Ebay
IMOGEN Thomas is selling off the clothes she wore during her alleged affair with loverat footballer Ryan Giggs. Up for grabs is the red dress she wore on This Morning, a navy dress, a black bra, red heels, which she claims Giggs sent her she says Giggs sent her and a "figure-hugging" navy dress. All proceeds are going to the children’s hospice charity Together For Short Lives. (via Ebay)

5: R-Patz reveals he was on drugs for his Twilight audition (via Hollywood Life)

6: Jessie J has revealed she was bullied so badly at school kids used to pelt her with stones
Jessie, 23, said: "You know what? Being bullied means you’re special and that’s what I want all kids to know." (via Cosmopolitan)

7: Michelle Obama gets down on iCarly
The First Lady explains how in the eyes kids, meeting royalty is not the same as being on iCarly. Only then do you know you've made it. (via Perez Hilton)

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