Taylor and Selena BFFs no more?


Taylor and Selena BFFs no more?
Bieber causing trouble in paradise for best friends Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

It seems Justin Bieber has managed to come between best friends Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Bieber and Gomez have recently reunited after a mountain of break-ups. Swift, who has apparently supported Gomez throughout her rocky relationship, can't support her latest decision.

An insider said that: "Taylor loves Selena and they get along super well, but it's hard for her to watch her best friend keep going back to Justin when she knows it's the worst thing for her. She feels like maybe Selena needs tough love. She thinks Justin is disgusting and has basically told Selena she can't support their relationship and if she gets back with him their friendship will probably never be the same."

The insider also said that Selena is "blinded" by Justin and doesn't even care that her parents and friends can't stand him.

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