Tom Hardy Has Been Wearing Elton John's Old Clothes. Because of Reasons!


Tom Hardy Has Been Wearing Elton John's Old Clothes. Because of Reasons!
Tom Hardy wears Sir Elton John's old clothes.

The 36-year-old actor portrays the 'Candle in the Wind' singer in forthcoming biopic 'Rocketman' and has borrowed a number of "bits" from the star in order to better get into character.

He said: "When I play a real person, I like to have bits of them. Since I can't take physical body parts and sever those, I try and grab as much 'kit' off them as possible."

And he joked he will then make a profit from the garments.

He added: "Then you can sell it on eBay."

Meanwhile, the British star - who has six-year-old son Louis with ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed - also admitted he didn't learn to drive until he was 30 and that was out of necessity.

Speaking at a cinema society screening of his new movie 'Locke', he explained: "I had to take my ex to the hospital to have our son Louis."

Tom finds it easy to make choices on what roles to accept.

He said: "It comes back to a very basic principle of story. Is it interesting? Do I want to be a part of it? Yes. How does it work? That's when you get back to a pragmatic sense of 'What's the practical next step?' I don't get up in the morning and go, 'I have to find a piece where I can look into someone's eyes.' "

Tom Hardy Has Been Wearing Elton John`s Old Clothes. Because of Reasons! on
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