Una Healy rubbishes rumours of band break up


Una Healy rubbishes rumours of band break up
Andrea McCullagh reveals the bands hectic schedule and their thoughts on the newest member of their group

We are definitely not going on a break we have loads of things planned for 2012

The Saturdays star Una Healy (29) has hit out at rumours that the band are about to take a two year break and insisted they have a packed schedule ahead.

Una recently announced that she is pregnant and the band’s hectic plans for next year also include the baby.

She said: “Why do people start silly rumours? We are definitely not going on a break we have loads of things planned for 2012, baby on board too.
‘I normally wouldn’t rise to rumours but it’s not fair on our fans to read and believe the lies.
Trust me Team Sats we ain’t going nowhere.”

The Saturdays travelled to Iceland yesterday to record a video for their new track My Heart Takes Over.
Una’s bandmate Rochelle Wiseman (22) also rubbished the claims and pointed out that they are so busy days off are like gold dust.

She said on Twitter: “Just heard some v strange rumours that we are having a 2 year break..oh pah lease!! Not true in any way shape or form.
“We are busier now than we have ever ever been and that’s how we like it! So just thought I’d squash any split rumours.
“Well whatever the rumour is it’s crap! We got a baby to feed now.”

Una announced earlier this month that she is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Ben Foden and she is three months pregnant.
Ben is currently in New Zealand at the Rugby World Cup with England and she will not be able to make it out to support him due to her work commitments. And she recently revealed that the baby will inspire her to write songs.

She said: "I can't make it out actually. We're so busy. We are shooting our music video next week and we have the new single and the album and then we are in tour rehearsals by the end of next month. Unfortunately I can't go out there but I'll be watching on telly.

"One of the girls that wrote a lot of our songs when she was pregnant, everything was baby, baby. I'll probably write a lot of songs with baby in them."

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