X Factor's James Arthur compares himself to exploited killer whale


X Factor's James Arthur compares himself to exploited killer whale
Arthur has compared himself to Sea World’s Tilikum, the subject of famous anti-captivity documentary Black Fish

X Factor singer James Arthur and words do not mix. Enough Said. The X Factor winner has been at the centre of many Twitter controversies and lash outs since finishing with the talent show and moving on with his solo career. The latest involves the singer lashing out at his promotion team and comparing himself to an endangered whale species. We’ve all been there.

With the announcement of his free hip hop mixtape-how ‘fresh’ of him- entitled All the World’s a Stage, he asked fans to design artwork including a killer whale attacking a crowd of people, with his name beside it. He tweeted “I would like the front cover to be a drawing of the killer whale/ Orca from sea world who features in the documentary "Blackfish" TILIKUM. Ideally I'd like him to be attacking a crowd of people, lashing out after being exploited. Include my name and the title of the mixtape”.

In another media savvy move, the singer turned on the people working for him, tweeting HQ please stop writing things like 'we think you would #LOVE this and that' or 'everybody #GETDOWN and buy this.' It's embarrassing. Stick to promoting Paul Potts please. Thanks. #LOVE”. More like #will anyone know who you are in a year?

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