Check Out 100 Parkour Stunts. Just Coz.


Check Out 100 Parkour Stunts. Just Coz.
Well, actually the Just Coz is code for the 100th video on the Ronnie Street Stunts channel.

Tricker Ronnie Shalvis is a professional Free-Runner, Stunt Coordinator and Parkour Instructor. And every so often he makes his way on to YouTube to upload videos of himself and others doing dangerous stuff.

Ronnie Street Stunts has just launched its 100th Video. And to celebrate this auspicious occasion, he’s lazily compiled a mash-Up of his previous 99 vids in a piece of cheap advertising for his site. Cheap, and quite effective.

Admittedly, he’s not the best in front of the camera, personality wise. Personally, I blame his mouth for this. And its inability to say stuff like a normal human. But there is no denying the boy can move…

So click on the video below to check out100 of his best stunts…

And be sure to try every last thing you see here at home! It’s perfectly safe!
Some random old dude even does a few of them!
You don’t want to be shown up by some old dude, do you?

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