Critics Get Creative to Say Nice Things About Michael Bay. Why All the Hate!?


Critics Get Creative to Say Nice Things About Michael Bay. Why All the Hate!?

I like Michael Bay. I've enjoyed a good chunk of his movies, particularly the stretch from The Rock to The Island (and yes that includes some moments of Pearl Harbor) and while the Transformers movies haven't been his finest work the latest, Age of Extinction, is a watchable pile of carnage (read our review).

But critics really hate on the guy. While other people make films that are much more obviously egregious, Bay gets heaps of bile in every review, with writers pointing to him as the epitome of everything that's wrong with modern cinema.

That's unfair and a fairly typical example of film writers taking an opportunity to use as many negative words as they can - sometimes it's nice to write a negative review. It's also a very soft, and arguably pointless, target. Age of Extinction has already made $400 million worldwide so it literally doesn't matter a jot what any professional film critic thinks. Audiences are going to go see it, that's all that matters.

In a bit of randomness, Jimmy Kimmel has forced some movie writers to say a couple of pleasant things about Bay. It's still fairly snide but here you go.

Jeez - couldn't at least one of you have said that his movies are gorgeous to look at? How about a shout out for the highly entertaining Pain and Gain or something about the incredible effects and set pieces he puts together?

My name is Daniel and I like Michael Bay.

You can't stop me.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is in cinemas from the 5th of July.

Read our review here.

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