Help Fund Dublin's First Cat Cafe!


Help Fund Dublin's First Cat Cafe!

Needless to say, the concept of cat cafes was popularised in Japan but actually originated in Taiwan (that's China) in 1998. Since then, they've spread around the world, with locations in Europe, America and the Middle East.

It's all about getting to spend time with cats - perfect for those who love the delightful (and sometimes devious!) animals but can't have one themselves. You can sit and play with them, have a nice cup of tea and not have to clean out a litterbox at the end of the day!

And the Cat Cafe is coming to Ireland! Georgina O'Neill is a cat-lover who wants to share the joy of felines with everyone else. She wants to set up at a location in Dublin and she needs your help!

The project is on Indiegogo right now, with a goal of €50,000 to get set up with a premises, licenses and of course everything needed to take care of the kitties. It's a big project and Georgina is making it clear that if they don't reach that goal it just won't go ahead.

There are tiers for getting early access to the cafe and even the chance to sponsor (and name!) your own cat. Right now she's aiming to open in June 2015 and has 2percent of her total target with 57 days to go.

So go help her out!

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