Honest Trailer Time for Game of Thrones. It's Awesome!


Honest Trailer Time for Game of Thrones. It's Awesome!
Are you ready for the Honest Trailer

Game of Thrones is almost back for its fourth season - which means lots of new characters (many of whom will die), lots of talking, random nudity and shedloads of death.

Basically all the things you've come to expect from the pretty epic adaptation of George R. R. Martin's continuing series. It's an impressively mounted show, the pride of the HBO stable. And right so but its also... just a bit ridiculous.

Thankfully, the Honest Trailers guys know a thing or two about skewering popular culture and have one of their best vids yet with this piss take of Game of Thrones. I love their attempt to remember all the character names.

Check it out.

I'm still laughing at 'Those Gay Dudes'...

Game of Thrones Season 4 kicks off on HBO on the 6th of April 2014.

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