Super Smash Wars 3 Is a Nintendoverload!


Super Smash Wars 3 Is a Nintendoverload!
Not Suitable for Star Wars And Ninty Fans with pre-existing heart conditions

A self-proclaimed work of relentlessly detailed Parody, Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero follows the basic narrative beats of (my personal favourite entry) Return of the Jedi. But its mercilessly woven with so bloody many Zelda, Mario, Pikmin, Pokémon and miscellaneous Nintendo references, that not unlike Wario, it’s practically bursting at the seams!

Honestly if I were to spot every single reference in this 11 minute short (across 2 vids) not only would I need a team of experts with time on their hands but the word count of this article would reach the tens of thousands! And folks, much as I love yas, that aint happening of a Wednesday, just after lunch…

YouTuber James Farr deserves to go just that with a channel bristling with excellend mash-ups and glorious animation. Check out his most recent, if not seminal work below!

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