The X-Men are Advertising Burgers in the US. For Some Reason.


The X-Men are Advertising Burgers in the US. For Some Reason.
This is just weird

Movies are expensive to make, and even more so to market. And so sometimes studios have to lean heavily on product placement and related advertisement to offset the costs.

Thus, X-Men mutants meet their match in succulent burger things from Carl's Jr.

Yes this is a real thing. You can watch Mystique (who really doesn't look at all like Jennifer Lawrence) do some shapeshifting to get her gob around a burger and then Quicksilver (actually embodied by Evan Peters - who probably fancied a meal) getting superfast on a biscuit thing with a lot of bacon.

Which actually looks pretty tasty I must say.

Now I do want a burger right now, but I can't say for sure that its because some of the X-Men were just eating some in front of me.

One interesting thing is that this is our first real look at Peters' Quicksilver - and he resembles something from a 90s TV show. That's not helped by the FX quality applied to a fairly cheap ad but its not the best advertisement for the movie or the character. And it certainly looks different to the take on Quicksilver in Joss Whedon's upcoming Age of Ultron.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is in cinemas from the 22nd of May 2014. We're expecting a lot of burger eating.

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