This is Whisper - The World's First Base Jumping Dog. Because His Owner is a Crazy Person


This is Whisper - The World's First Base Jumping Dog. Because His Owner is a Crazy Person

Whisper the dog has an interesting life. She's an Australian Cattledog who has hooked up in life with Dean Potter and his partner Jen. And that means things tend to be interesting.

That's because Dean is a world renowed climber who is fond of clambering up steep things made of rock with reckless abandon. And, naturally, that means he wants his dog to come along as well. So Whisper braves the high and dangerous places, being taken from one crag to the next via ropes and harnasses and generally looking like she's having a whale of a time.

So, why not jump off a mountain with a dog strapped to your back and hope everything works out ok. That's what Dean did, and Red Bull went along to film the event.

For your reference, she's totally wearing Doggles! Which are a real thing.

Ok so its a cool video and everyone loves seeing dogs doing weird things but tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that Dean chap is a bit creepy. Why is he talking so much about potentially dying with his dog? That's not a cheery thought. And while the canine adventurer seems to be ok with what's happening, it's a bit cruel to subject a dog to a wingsuit and parachute ride, its not like they have a say in the matter.

Just to reiterate how awesome dogs are though, Whisper is a climber and base jumper and also helps Dean in his everyday life with a serious hearing problem, alerting him to noises he can't hear. Go dogs!

There's more on Whisper and Dean here.

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