Until Now You Never Knew You Wanted to Watch Chris Pratt Braiding Someone's Hair


Until Now You Never Knew You Wanted to Watch Chris Pratt Braiding Someone's Hair

2014 is going to be a hell of a year for Chris Pratt.

Comedy fans have been enjoying his work for many moons on shows like Parks and Recreation and he's been stretching his acting muscles with appearances in movies like Zero Dark Thirty and Delivery Man to great effect.

He kicked off 2014 with a major voice role in The Lego Movie and once Guardians of the Galaxy hits in August he's going to suddenly be a household name. But before all that, he just seems like a really sweet guy.

During a slightly obnoxious interview with Entertainment Tonight, they somehow convince him to show off his French braiding skills for the world to see. The incredibly affable Pratt obliges, resulting in this masterpiece of pleasant awkwardness.

Can you imagine having questions fired at you while trying to braid someone's hair with 15 people around and multiple cameras? I would literally die but Pratt takes it in his stride, answering questions and coming across as an incredibly nice chap. But the title of the video here annoys me - 'interrupts' really?! More like ET interrupted a perfectly normal interview in an attempt to get something which might go viral. More fool me for posting perhaps?

Guardians of the Galaxy is in cinemas from the 31st of August 2014.

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