Watch a Four Hour Train Journey in Real Time - Welcome to Slow TV


Watch a Four Hour Train Journey in Real Time - Welcome to Slow TV
Norway has a new obsession

Norway is a strange place, though in a totally different way to the dashcam nuttiness of Russia. In Norway, they like to take things sloooow.

In this case, we're talking about the Slow TV revolution which is taking the country by storm. Back in 2009, a 7 hour rail trip was broadcast and the craze has continued, including charting a 134 hour journey of a ship of the Norweigan coast. They're next challenge is to bring the excitment of knitting to life!

Today's video is a little more fast paced, but only just. This video comes from a camera mounted on the front of a train and gives us some HD visuals as it travels from Bergen in the West of Norway to the capital of Oslo. This takes four hours. You can watch it in real time.

It's quite... pretty...

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