Watch a Supercut of Every Nicolas Cage Laugh EVER!


Watch a Supercut of Every Nicolas Cage Laugh EVER!

Nicolas Cage is a screen legend, an Oscar winner and one of the most openly insane performers working today.

For people who have become used to his nuttiness in more recent movies like Bad Lieutenant, let it be known that the Cage has been doing his crazy thing as far back as we can remember. You really have to check out 1988's Vampire's Kiss. It. Is. Pure. Gold.

And now, YouTuber Mark Heiliger has done an amazing thing - he has brought together every nutty laugh that has issued forth from Cage's lips in a live action role since 1981 into one place. Witness the majesty and add anything you haven't seen to your must-watch list.

The video can't be embedded - so head here to watch it.

That's some fine video watching

You can see Cage doing his thing next in a movie that co-star Hayden Christensen called Outcast. He still makes movies!

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