Watch the Trailer for The Yank - The Movie So Bad Colm Meaney Wiped it From His Memory!


Watch the Trailer for The Yank - The Movie So Bad Colm Meaney Wiped it From His Memory!

In a recent interview Star Trek star and Irish lad Colm Meaney was asked if he ever looked back with regret on any of the roles in his long career. And after a moments thought,he came up with a recent example.

Meaney says plenty of scathing things about the film but wisely side-steps from actually naming it. Thankfully, due to the power of our own fingers (and the internet) we know absolutely, positively, its called The Yank.

It#39;s about a middle-aged Irish-American called Tom Murphy (played by director and writer Sean Lackey) who ends up going to Ireland for a friends wedding. There, he finally has the perfect chance to find what he#39;s always wanted - a gorgeous Irish girl to make his wife. The rest of the plot, and I#39;m quoting here, goes like this: quot;Itrsquo;s a middle-age lsquo;fish out of waterrsquo; discovering that the country of his heritage is not like the movies and that the woman that has the qualities that mean the most can be of any ethnic background.quot;

Right. Here#39;s the trailer.

There are just so many things you could say. Why does it look like it was filmed handheld on a mobile? Why did Irish people agree to be in it? And considering it looks so incredibly cheap, how were the likes of Meaney and the fabulous Fred Willard attracted to these roles?

Shot on location in Cleveland as well as in Dublin and across Ireland, The Yank is a movie so bad it qualifies as the worst film-making memory of Colm Meaney. Or maybe just the most recent, Far and Away after all...

The Yank is playing at festivals in the States. You probably couldn't find it even if you wanted to.

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