70s horror Don't Look Now is getting a remake for some reason


70s horror Don't Look Now is getting a remake for some reason

Nicolas Roeg may not be a household name these days but he was a formidable directing force, particularly in the indie world of the 1970s, crafting memorably weird and wonderful works like Walkabout, and The Man Who Fell to Earth. But his career highlight might just be 1973's Don't Look Now - a film which manages to combine his unusual editing style with a powerful story about loss and grief while still remaining accessible and endlessly, subtly creepy.

It's a thriller, a bit of a horror, a drama and a mesmerisingly shot piece of strangeness, invigorated by two strong leading performances by Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie as a husband and wife trying to deal with the death of their daughter. There's nothing about that set up which makes it ripe for a remake, apart from the fact that its cult appeal make the title somewhat recognisable. But that's apparently enough for the studio folks pursuing one.

The people at The Picture Company are putting together a pitch for a new version of Don't Look Now, with the producers of not-at-all classic flicks The Gunman and Non-Stop involved. It's not a real project yet but there's every reason to expect this to clog up your multiplex in a couple of years time.

The whys are pretty much unanswerable. So much of the effectiveness of Don't Look Now has to do with the performances and the grimy textures of 70s cinema. It's also couched in the sense of paranoia and unease which was a major feature of the era and all brought together by the often maniacal cutting of director Roeg.

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