Aaron Sorkin teaches you screenwriting


Aaron Sorkin teaches you screenwriting

You'd definitely come into contact with the work of Aaron Sorkin - whether its the walk and talk wit of The West Wing, the impossibly fast delivery of The Social Network or the barbed rejoinders of Steve Jobs, he's got an instantly recognisable style.

Now you can learn it too with a new screenwriting masterclass from the man himself.

Over five hours and 25 lessons Sorkin will talk about story theory, dialogue and will definitely refer to Aristotle a time or two. You'll learn some hard and fast rules about how to develop a plot which people will care about and it seems Sorkin will even do a workshop to craft a new episode of The West Wing.

Some level of interactivity is expected with user submitted questions but mostly this will be an acclaimed craftsman talking about how he does his thing, and that should be plenty interesting for his fans.

The course is going live by the end of the summer 2016 and costs 90 dollars. More over here.

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