Age of Ultron Clip Drops - Laughs Intrigue and Chills


Age of Ultron Clip Drops - Laughs Intrigue and Chills

Marvel had a really big day yesterday, announcing their slate up to 2019 which covers a massive 11 features, including a further THREE AVENGERS FLICKS!

The first one arrives in 2015, that's Age of Ultron. We've been hearing a lot about it recently thanks to a trailer leak last week (and Marvel's swift response by releasing the official footage) and now we've got the first publicly available clip. It's not the most surprising thing you'll see as the footage was already shown at Comic-Con and written about everywhere but here's what happens at a superhero party.

You can watch this in 4K if you are so equipped.

Even though its a scene we've been hearing about for ages its still great to see an unedited slice of Joss Whedon right there on the screen. I love the subtle emotion which passes over Chris Hemsworth's face when the hammer takes a little wobble and it's great to see the whole team having some down time - something we don't get a lot of in blockbuster superhero movies.

Then there's Ultron, who looks like he's going to be a properly terrifying villain, complete with a wonderful vocal performance by James Spader. I really can't wait.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is in cinemas from the 24th of April 2015.

Age of Ultron Clip Drops - Laughs Intrigue and Chills on
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