Agent Carter officially cancelled - Boo!


Agent Carter officially cancelled - Boo!

Marvel's Agent Carter is officially dead, which is a real shame.

The show, starring Hayley Atwell in the title role, was not only a fun look at the start of the SHIELD organisation from the movies but also consistently well written, expertly cast and - crucially - featured one of the only leading ladies in the Marvel-verse.

Agent Carter was generally well reviewed by critics and viewers, the problem was that very few people actually tuned in. The ratings were always lower than the rather turgid Agents of SHIELD and dropped even lower for Carter in season 2.

So the news isn't massively surprising but it is disappointing, especially in a world where a more subtle side of the Marvel-verse would provide some nice contrast from the many explosions.

SHIELD will be back for a fourth season, and maybe it will get round to answering some questions eventually.

Agent Carter officially cancelled - Boo! on
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