Alicia Vikander set for Tomb Raider - a great choice


Alicia Vikander set for Tomb Raider - a great choice

A new Tomb Raider film series has been on the boil for awhile now, with the aim being to follow the format of recent games by going back to a time before Ms Lara Croft was getting all up in those tombs.

And now, Lady Croft has been found in Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news which confirms that the 27 year old actress has officially signed on. Previously the likes of Star Wars' Daisy Ridley had been mooted for the part but they've since fallen by the wayside.

It's great casting in a number of ways. Vikander has been popping up everywhere in the likes of Ex Machina and The Man from UNCLE but has yet helmed her own franchise, so he's coming in fresh. And she's shown plenty of range and an ability to take on meatier material.

It doesn't hurt that she's also gorgeous and has some real grit behind her delicate features, and that she's definitely distinct from what Angelina Jolie did with the role in two previous films.

The intention is to show an earlier Lara, one who ins't yet a dual pistol weilding murderer of millions, in line with the 2013 game reboot. That leaves plenty of room for a more dramatic role for a talented actress, and also space for multiple sequels as this adventurer comes into her own.

Now we just have to hope that the film doesn't feel the need to stick to closely to anything from the games, instead focussing on creating a film about a strong young woman coming into her own, who just happens to be called Lara Croft.

Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug is at the helm, with a script by Evan Daugherty (The Huntsman, Divergent). We're going to go ahead and guess at an early summer 2018 release for this one.

Alicia Vikander set for Tomb Raider - a great choice on
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