Alien Covenant poster has a word of advice and a new release date


Alien Covenant poster has a word of advice and a new release date

Prometheus is a film which I didn't like much the first time I saw it but for some reason it improves over time.

Possibly that's because I was looking for connections to the franchise a little too much or because it's actually an oddly slow story which suddenly ramps up into horror but it's definitely worth another look. And now's the perfect time as the release date of the sequel draws near.

Alien Covenant has some simple intentions - drawing the tales of Prometheus and the original 1979 film closer together with a new story that includes the character of David, played by Michael Fassbender.

A new poster for the film has arrived, and it's not subtle when it comes to advice.

That looks very much like the Xenomorph of old and it's also pretty clear that whatever humans we're going to be spending time with will be in a lot of danger. The film was originally set for next August but has been pulled up now. That's an interesting time of year for a big budget R-rated sci-fi film, so hopefully it works out.

The plot will see a new ship and crew arriving on a planet where they find Fassbender's David, and then the crap hits the fan. Other cast memebrs include Katherine Waterston, Danny McBRide and Billy Crudup in a film directed by Ridley Scott. Expect a trailer in time for Christmas.

Alien Covenant poster has a word of advice and a new release date on
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