All the Ghostbuster cameos revealed- old cast meets new


All the Ghostbuster cameos revealed- old cast meets new

There's a new Ghostbusters film in cinemas right now, and you know it's really quite a lot of fun.

It's also a film with a bit of a tortured history, and one that has a complicated relationship with nostalgia. While the broad set up is similar this isn't really a remake of the 1984 original, nor does it actively exist in the same universe as some kind of far flung sequel. It's a film that's struggling to be its own thing while also rebooting a franchise which hasn't been in cinemas in close to 30 years.

That's a tall order, and the decision was made to make a deeper connection to the original film through a series of cameos, including basically all of the old cast apart from Rick Moranis (who retired completely from acting) and Harold Ramis (who retired from this astral plane in 2014).

So here's a run down of where to spot the older stars, obviously this post has spoilers!

Let's start with Bill Murray, who was without question a big part of what made the original film so special. It's perhaps fitting that he has the biggest role in the new movie, as a fellow called Martin Heiss who is out to debunk the Ghostbusters. He appears in two scenes, talking on a TV show and then showing up to meet the crew, and we'll leave out how his cameo ends.

Dan Aykroyd is also very important to the Ghostbusters franchise as he originated the story and has been pushing hard for a new movie for years. He's also been one of the most outspoken defenders of the 2016 version, perhaps because he's listed as one of its executive producers. He appears as a cab driver who is dismissive of a obvious spectral apocalypse going on around him, and throws out a random catchphrase.

The last of the foursome to show up is Ernie Hudson, who you may remember as Winston. The actor campaigned for a part in the new movie and it seems like he got his wish, in a moment which feels like it was shot late in production. He pops up as Leslie Jones' Uncle Bill, who has an interesting connection to the work that the team are doing.

That's it for the old Ghostbusters but Sigourney Weaver also has a fun cameo which you'll have to wait until the mid credits to see. She's here as a character called Rebecca Gorin who was an influential mentor to Kate McKinnon's brilliantly bizarre Holtzmann. Of all the cameos this is the only one which could potentially appear in a future movie, and that would be all kinds of fun.

Finally there's room for one more, as we get to see Annie Potts again - who so memorably played the role of receptionist Janine. In the new film she's manning the desk at a hotel which is important to the plot, and has some familar words to say. Unfortunately she doesn't get to meet the new receptionist, played by Chris Hemsworth.

Taken on their own these cameos are a bit of fun but they're a tad distracting in the grand scheme of the film and Paul Feig's attempt to create his own movie. Ghostbusters is in Irish cinemas now.

-Daniel Anderson.

All the Ghostbuster cameos revealed- old cast meets new on
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