All the Watch Dogs 2 news plus first footage


All the Watch Dogs 2 news plus first footage

Watch Dogs is back, with a sequel to the original open world action game revealed by Ubisoft.

It's set to launch in November 2016 and will feature a new central character and a different setting. You're going to be playing as a fellow called Marcus Holloway who is a gifted hacker and fighting for truth and justice on the streets of San Francisco.

Here's a look at Marcus.

The style is a bit aggressive but it's clear that Ubisoft wants to bring a bit more personality to the sequel after the very dull protagonist in Watch Dogs. Let's hope they don't push it too far.

Marcus has more parkour moves than Aiden and also has a unique DIY weapon - a billiard ball on rope which he can do some real damage with. It sounds like a slightly silly way to take out thugs, but it will help to set the game apart from its peers. Of course he'll also be able to just shoot folks, and there's a taser option for a more gentle approach.

The reveal trailer shows off a very realistic looking new future San Fran, with loads of smart tech littering the streets including drones, bots and smartphones absolutely everywhere. And the hacker group DedSec is on the prowl.

Marcus has been framed for a crime he didn't commit by the ctOS city wide monitoring software and fights back by working with hacker group DedSec to take it down. He'll also go against the Blume company and get involved with a lot of other counter culture stuff along the way. A lot of moments in the gameplay revealed so far seems to be fist bumping between youths, so that will feature too.

Ubisoft's full reveal features loads of interviews with the developers and some interesting behind the scenes info, including their work on the first game.

They're making it so you can hack pretty much everything in the world - taking over cranes and even being able to drive every car you can see remotely. That's a big improvement on the original systems - plus Marcus has a really cool RC car and drone, which looks like great fun to fly.

For multiplayer they're trying to make it more seamless. You'll easily be able to connect with other players who are in their own single player game and just go have fun in this open world playground.

It looks like Watch Dogs 2 has learned a lot of lessons from the original game, which was met with fairly mixed reviews a few years back. Ubisoft really wants to build this franchise, and there's a chance that this could be the equivalent of the sea change from the first Assassin's Creed to its vastly superior sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on PS4 and Xbox One from the 15th of November, 2016.

All the Watch Dogs 2 news plus first footage on
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