Amazing news - Jason Statham could be Bullseye in Daredevil Season 2!


Amazing news - Jason Statham could be Bullseye in Daredevil Season 2!

Daredevil only just debuted on Netflix but amazing reviews mean it was quickly renewed, returning with more episodes in 2016.

We don't know a lot about the second season just yet but while it took most of the first run for Matt to don that superhero costume, he's going to be getting deep into it with plenty of villains and allies next year.

And we might have early word on who one of those baddies could be. It has been rumoured before that he might tussle with the baldie one known as Bullseye, previously played by Colin Farrell in the 2003 feature opposite Ben Affleck.

The Irish actor won't be reprising his role on TV but the potential casting is even more exciting - it could be Jason Statham!

That's just perfecting casting right there, especially with the screen presence the man has. Statham recently took on his first true villainous role in Furious 7 and the rumour from Latino Review suggests he's been in talking with Marvel bosses over the last few days. Other sources suggest negotiations are ongoing, but it would be a real coup for Netflix if he comes on board.

47 year old Statham is pretty much an action legend, and also has some great comic chops as you can see in Spy which is in cinemas right now. He made his acting debut in 1998's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels after stints as a diver and model so Daredevil would actually be his first TV gig.

Netfix has attracted many major stars in the past, including Kevin Spacey, Daryl Hannah and Rosario Dawson. Let's hope they can add Statham to the mix very soon.

Daredevil season 1 is on Netflix now, season 2 is coming in 2016.

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