American Horror Story season six setting revealed


American Horror Story season six setting revealed

American Horror Story is a pretty unique series, changing periods, settings and stories every single season, while managing to retain some of the same cast.

The sixth season has been a mystery during the early days of promotion, with FX going so far as to screen a range of teasers, many of which were fakes.

Now that the first episode has premiered it has been revealed that the new series is called American Horror Story: Roanoke...

Here's a trailer that might help, or possibly confuse you more.

Roanoke was a colony which went missing in North Carolina in the late 1500s, though that's not directly what the show is about. Instead it involves interviews with people who have had weird experiences in that area in modern times, with these 'real' folks being interviewed for the cameras.

Their stories are then also retold in re-enactments featuring many of the regular American Horror Story players like Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett. It sounds like a pretty strange set up and reactions to the first episode have been mixed but we have faith that the weirdness will prevail.

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