Angry Birds the Movie review - it's kinda fine


Angry Birds the Movie review - it's kinda fine

An angry bird called Red is suspicious when a boat arrives filled with green pigs.

Ok let’s forget for a moment that there’s an actual movie based on a mobile game in cinemas and try to take Angry Birds on its own merits.

It’s… grand?

There was real potential for the film to be a total horrorshow so the fact that it kind of works at all is something of a miracle.

Lone screenwriter Jon Vitti has credits going back to SNL in the 80s as well as The Simpsons, Ali G and King of the Hill, and he manages to cobble together a surprisingly decent plot from the concept of catapulting birds at oddly green pigs.

The story is fine, and the film mines giggles from just how unpleasant lead character Red is. With suitably irritated vocals from Jason Sudeikis, he spouts off lines that are mostly aimed at keeping the audience more or less entertained.

Much of the rest of the film is squarely aimed at younger viewers and it succeeds with vivid colours, over the top voices and garish things happening frequently. The four and five year olds in my company seemed thoroughly enthralled, but I can’t imagine they’ll remember it in the future.

It’s kind of fun to see how they managed to work the mechanics of the mobile game into the feature and the vocal cast and gags are perfectly decent but it’s hard to know if people will respond to the brand and actually head out to the cinema.

Angry Birds isn’t the catastrophe you might be expecting but that also makes it almost totally forgettable – not ideal for a €75 million feature which will be hoping for a franchise.

-Daniel Anderson

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