Another Marvel Project Derailed - Drew Goddard Exits Daredevil


Another Marvel Project Derailed - Drew Goddard Exits Daredevil

After the recent shock news that Edgar Wright had stepped down as the director on Ant-Man there's more bad news from the Marvel-verse today - Drew Goddard is no longer involved with the Daredevil project.

Marvel and Netflix announced a massive partnership in late 2013, planning to bring a number of comic book properties to the online streaming video service in the next few years. These projects were already in the planning stages and the first epsidoes were due to be shot in a few weeks. But now one of the major names has left.

Drew Goddard, the long time Joss Whedon alum with credits on Buffy, Angel and the dude behind The Cabin in the Woods, has stepped down as the showrunner on Daredevil. He was also set to write and direct the first episode in addition to keeping the whole project churning for its entire run.

It's quite a blow to what was promising to be a landmark series - tying in with three other seasons dedicated to the characters of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist before culminating in a massive cross-over mini series.

Naturally, nothing can put off a project this large and Netflix and Marvel will forge on. In the short term, that means nabbing a new showrunner and it seems they already have someone for the job - Steven S. DeKnight. He's best known for being behind the fairly awesome Spartacus TV show on Starz and should be up to the task.

As for Goddard, reports suggest that his move was amicable, certainly more so than what happened with Edgar Wright. The word is that with his commitment to writing and directing the Sinister 6 Spidey spin-off for Sony he simply didn't have time to also run the Daredevil show. It's a shame for sure, but we're also very excited to see what he'll do with a bigger Marvel landscape to work in.

The first Netflix Marvel series will debut in 2015. More details as we get them.

Another Marvel Project Derailed - Drew Goddard Exits Daredevil on
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