Another Star Wars trailer - watch if you dare!


Another Star Wars trailer - watch if you dare!

In less than 5 days, people in Ireland will be able to sit down in a crowded cinema with their popcorn and witness the first proper Star Wars movie in over a decade.

Yes that's actually happening, no you don't need to keep pinching yourself. At this point, the film is so close that we've decided to stop watching the trailers, clips and behind the scenes videos because we don't want any more of the magical mystery to be spoiled. With that in mind, here's the latest international trailer that you can watch if you want, but we won't be...

No doubt that was an utterly spectacular experience and you're now even more hyped for The Force Awakens. The sheer level of marketing for this film is starting to get a little bit scary - from the Google takeovers to the fact that every single shop seems to have some kind of licensed material. I saw Star Wars shower gel in Marks and Spencer yesterday, it was shaped like a light sabre!

At this point, the film is reaching near total saturation, which makes perfect sense as we're right on the cusp of release and with the film appearing in so many screens, including IMAX locations, Disney and Lucasfilm will want to get as many bums in seats as possible. But we're going to try to preserve some of the mystery from now on.

Biggest film of all time? We're thinking so...

Star Wars The Force Awakens is in cinemas on the 17th of December 2015.

Another Star Wars trailer - watch if you dare! on
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