Ant-Man Teaser is Here - You Will Believe Paul Rudd is a Big Superhero


Ant-Man Teaser is Here - You Will Believe Paul Rudd is a Big Superhero

The longer the superhero thing goes on, the more likely it is that we end up seeing some of the stranger sorts getting their own big screen outing. And so, you can expect to see a dude who can shrink really small (but still remain big boy strong) and communicate with insects in cinemas in 2015.

It's Ant-Man folks.

And there's a suitably small teaser just out.

I gotta be honest, Ant-Man already has a lot of things going against it. Apart from the fairly weird powers possessed by the lead (possibly putting off folks who don't like creepy-crawlies) it's also had a turbulent development, spending years under the supervision of Edgar Wright before he walked from the project right before production.

I love Wright and the idea of getting him behind something potentially this visually zany was incredibly exciting. But he admitted that he simply couldn't make the film he wanted while collaborating with Marvel and Disney and had to walk. Cue rapid rewrites courtesy of Adam McKay and Peyton Reed coming on board as director. He made Yes Man and Down with Love. So...

Then there's leading man Paul Rudd. Apart from the fact that he's never been the big man in a large-scale film before it's tough fo me to really picture him as a superhero. Though he does have very lovely eyes...

All that said, Marvel has basically hit every single film out of the park since The Avengers in 2012, even the very difficult tonal shifts of Guardians so I'm just going to have to go ahead and have faith.

Ant-Man is in cinemas from the 17th of July 2015.

Ant-Man Teaser is Here - You Will Believe Paul Rudd is a Big Superhero on
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