Ant-Man trailer 2 - tiny sized spectacle and laughs


Ant-Man trailer 2 - tiny sized spectacle and laughs

Yes Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the Avengers are about to pop on the spandex once again later this month for Age of Ultron but as always there's another character waiting in the wings, and this time it's Ant-Man.

The film may have had a particularly torturous journey to the big screen (with original writer and director Edgar Wright forced to bow out at the last minute) but the film has been in the hands of Peyton Reed for many moons now and with this latest promo we're finally getting a feel for the tone that its going to settle on. And, in a word, its weird.

Check out the trailer and stick around for some comments afterwards.

For me, this has more in common with 2013's Iron Man 3 than anything else we've seen from Marvel so far. On the hero side we mostly have a single dude and also one who gets his powers from a suit, rather than being an Asgardian God or being hit by radiation. He's also got a shady past that he's trying to make up for, and there looks set to be some decent batches of giggles - that moment with the train will kill in a cinema. And I love the fact that Marvel is able to make a massive film like Age of Ultron and release something altogether more quirky just a few months later.

Marvel's Kevin Feige has been saying that Ant-Man will have some deep connections to the rest of the MCU but I'm guessing they'll mostly exist on the sidelines of the main plot - having something major like Thanos show up here would completely spoil the effect of a smaller narrative. It's more likely that we'll get to see some groundwork laid for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which is the next Marvel movie to appear in May 2016. But what I'm most excited about in Ant-Man is the micro world he gets to visit, which has huge potential for moments of spectacle and some unusual and kick ass action scenes.

Ant-Man is in cinemas on the 17th of July 2015.

- Daniel Anderson

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