Ant-Man wants to call in The Avengers in new trailer


Ant-Man wants to call in The Avengers in new trailer

Just a short while after the movie behemoth which was Age of Ultron, there's another Marvel flick on the way in the form of Ant-Man.

And it's definitely going to be a different kind of feature, focussing on a single character who hasn't appeared in the fiction before. Marvel has attempted an entirely new, non ensemble piece since Captain America back in 2011 so there's a lot of pressure on Paul Rudd and director Peyton Reed to create something that stands on its own while also furthering the path of this franchise, seeing as it comes at the end of Phase 3.

So close to release, we still don't have a great idea of exactly what Ant-Man is. For one thing, there's a zany sense of humour running through some of the promo material but also a pretty serious action film which rears its head from time to time. In the latest trailer, Rudd's Scott Lang has an idea for how to solve the problem they're facing when an evildoer starts developing tiny soldiers.

Marvel wants to make it clear this exists in the same universe as the other films but it's a pretty sure bet that no major characters are going to cross-over, as none appear in the cast list. That doesn't mean there won't be some kind of cameo, but for the most part he's going to be on his own. Three new character posters also reinforce his connection to the other superheroes.

We'll see how that works out when the film arrives in July 2015.

Ant-Man wants to call in The Avengers in new trailer on
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