Antoine Fuqua Video Interview - The Equalizer


Antoine Fuqua Video Interview - The Equalizer

The 2014 version of The Equalizer has very little in common with the 80s TV show starring Wicker Man vet Edward Woodward. It's got a lot more violence for one thing and its been constructed as a starring vehicle for the incredibly awesome Denzel Washington, who just seems to become even cooler every year.

The Equalizer also sees Washington re-teaming with his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua for the first time since the actor took home his Best Actor statuette. And its the perfect project for the pair - the commanding actor and the visual stylist are on top form.

Click's Daniel Anderson recently got the chance to sit down with Fuqua for a chat about the action in the film and his directing method, as well as congratulating him on the many great kills in the picture. Daniel loves a good kill!

Check out the interview with very awesome Antoine Fuqua.

The Equalizer also starsMarton Csokas and Chloe Moretz and is in cinemas frmo the 26th of September 2014.

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