Archer gets three more seasons


Archer gets three more seasons

Archer is a pretty funny show about a pretty terrible spy who generally gets things done.

Seven seasons in, the most entertaining aspect remains waiting for the next horrible insult delivered in H Jon Benjamin's glorious tones. And that specific delight isn't going anywhere for awhile.

FX has just announced that they've renewed Archer not only for season eight but also two more beyond that. We should be kept busy with episodes until at least 2019 at this rate, as the show goes on for a pretty amazing 10 series.

All three series will have eight episodes, which is lower than before, and there was no mention of more beyond that. This could mean that the series is coming to a close but that's just total speculation. Honestly, we're surprised it's lasted this long.

Add it to your Netflix list now, it's a good show to put on the in background when you're doing something else.

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