Asian Godzilla Trailer is SPOILERY


Asian Godzilla Trailer is SPOILERY
Monster’s Brawl

Of course there’s another bloody monster!

Blatantly ignoring the fact Pacific Rim exists (and theoretically still makes this project redundant) Gareth Edwards was NEVER going to make a Godzilla film where the sole source of conflict is Man’s reaction to the King of Monsters. Coz they tried that already. Or at least Roland Emmerich did back in 1998. And that didn’t work out so well….

So now we have Mothra, I assume, a flying critter with ties to shady government types who get on Heisenberg’s nerves and an inevitable city-sized smackdown with the towering titular stomper. Not the most sophisticated development, nor the most unexpected but at least there’s plenty of new footage in the trailer below.

Godzilla irradiates cinemas on May 16

Asian Godzilla Trailer is SPOILERY on
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