Assassin's Creed movie trailer- lotsa jumping


Assassin's Creed movie trailer- lotsa jumping

That Assassin's Creed movie is still a real thing, here's the latest trailer.

Honestly as much as I really want this to be an entertaining film every new promo makes it look sillier and sillier. Mostly it now looks like a feature film of Michael Fassbender jumping, sometimes with a giant mechanical arm strapped to his back.

Speaking of which, why does he need that contraption? In the games it was always enough for the people to be experiencing these things in their minds, but Micky F has to have some help from some fancy projectors and props? Maybe he doesn't have any imagination.

At the very least it does look like there's plenty of action and you can't deny it's a handsome production. I've also heard that a good chunk of the film is going to be in Spanish, which makes sense given the story being told but might be a bit alienating for audiences. It's not totally clear what's at stake here either- who are the baddies and what are they doing that's so evil? Is there any reason to root for the leading man except that he's played by Fassbender?

All these questions and more might be answered in January 2017.

Assassin`s Creed movie trailer- lotsa jumping on
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