At Irish cinemas April 1st


At Irish cinemas April 1st

A quiet time in cinemas this week - and for good reason as the behemoth of Batman v Superman has just landed and will be hoovering up all the cash at the box office for awhile yet. Or at least until The Huntsman Winter's War pops up next week. In the meantime we've got some true story sports drama, an award winning Irish drama and a film that was shot in one single take that looks absolutely amazing.

Eddie the Eagle
Hugh Jackman schools Taron Egerton in the ways of not dying on a slope in this true life story about Eddie Edwards - a guy who wanted to be the first British fella ever to compete at the Winter Olympics. This looks like really charming stuff, and the cast couldn't be more likeable. Egerton is one to watch - he's back for more Kingsman and will be playing Robin Hood and maybe Han Solo soon.

Irish director Rebecca Daly returns with this intense drama about a woman who still can't come to terms with the loss of her child. She finds a complex surrogate in a local youth and things just get even more complicated from there. Starring Rachel Griffiths and Barry Keogh, this film has been earning rave reviews around the world.

Actor turned director Sebastian Schipper thought he'd set himself quite the task for his new film - shooting the entire thing in an single take on the streets of Berlin. And so it came to pass between 4.30am and 7.00am on the 27th of April 2014. The result is an incredible piece of filmmaking which follows a young woman called Victoria on a night of emotion and adventure which turns to danger and deception. You have never seen a film like this.

Black Mountain Poets
Apparently shot with a miniscule budget over just five days, this British comedy defies expectations to end up extremely entertaining. A lot of that is down to leads Alice Lowe (who you may remember from Sightseers) and Dolly Wells who work brilliantly together as sisters on an ill conceived adventure impersonating hippie poets at a wilderness retreat. Pretty hilarious stuff.

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