At Irish cinemas April 29th


At Irish cinemas April 29th

We've had plenty of superhero movies up to now but this week things are about to change, as Marvel favourites Captain America and Iron Man go head to head in Civil War. It's going to get messy. In other releases Jake Gyllenhaal is having a tough time and we've got a heart-rending Oscar winner in the mix.

Captain America: Civl War
We're going to go ahead and call this the movie Age of Ultron should have been. Iron Man and Cap come to blows over a superhero registration act and everything gets really big really fast. Almost every hero you can think of (bar Hulk and Thor) are on board, including some new faces in Black Panther and Spider-Man. It's already earning some amazing reviews and this story leads right into the upcoming onslaught of the Infinity War. Be sure to stay all the way through the credits!

From the director of Dallas Buyers Club and wild comes the story of a man played by Jake Gyllenhaal who experiences a mental break after the loss of his wife. Sometimes to build something back up you have to tear it asunder first. Also starring Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper and young Judah Lewis.

Son of Saul
Fresh from a win for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2016 Oscars, this Hungarian feature by László Nemes is a searing look at the realities of life in a concentration camp in the closing days of World War II. It's a difficult film to watch, as a man tries to find a moment of redemption in a terrible situation.

Ratchet & Clank
The popular PlayStation games series makes its big screen debut in a feature which ties in with the recent remaster of the very first title from 2002. There's a starry cast including Sylvester Stallone, John Goodman and Rosario Dawson but early reviews have been pretty poor.

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