At Irish cinemas August 19th


At Irish cinemas August 19th

It's a pretty weird week at the cinemas in the run up to the 19th, with little in the way of major releases allowing a few indies to sneak in. The biggest film is probably the return of David Brent in Life on the Road and there's also a new horror success story Lights Out to look forward to. If that all sounds too normal, there's also a doc about endurance tickling...

David Brent: Life on the Road
Ricky Gervais steps back into his most famous character to show us what happened next in the life of David Brent. Turns out he's a low rent salesman with few prospects who decides it's time to give his music career one last shot and goes on tour. We're expecting all manner of awkwardness.

Lights Out
Produced by The Conjuring's James Wan, this shocker has scared up some serious dough at the box office in the States and looks seriously frightening. Directed by Swedish fella David F. Sandberg based on his own short film, it hones in one of our greatest fears and goes to town on what could be lurking in the dark. Maybe one to see during the day.

Nine Lives
Kevin Spacey has a proper career that's still in full flow, so it's hard to understand why he's playing a businessman who gets turns into a talking cat in this film. The whole thing is baffling, including the presence of Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld at the helm and Christopher Walken in the cast. It bombed in the States on release and is likely to disappear without a trace.

Swallows and Amazons
Arthur Ransome's well known 1930 novel gets another adaptation in a rather spiffy form. There's a new character name - Titty is now called Tatty because we're all puerile - and otherwise its a familar adventure story with some grown up faces like Rafe Spall, Andrew Scott and Kelly Macdonald to enjoy.

This is a documentary about competitive endurance tickling, which is apparently a real thing that adult people engage in. It's co-directed by led by Kiwi journalist David Farrier who gets more than he bargained for when he delves deep into this strange world. We'll say no more but this is a must see.

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