At Irish Cinemas December 18th


At Irish Cinemas December 18th

People, it's Star Wars week - aaaagh!

After more than 10 years, we're getting a brand new Star Wars movie - and it might even be the first one worth watching since 1983. George Lucas has fallen by the wayside in favour of Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams (yes we think that's weird too) and it could well be the biggest film of all time. In fact, we're going to go ahead and predict just that.

In fact, The Force Awakens is so big that pretty much every other film has fled from it's path, leaving no other major release for the week. Oh except for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey starrer Sisters which wisely released the Saturday before Star Wars day in an attempt to grab some dollars. They're opening together in the States, with the comedy starting a campaign suggesting that folks are welcome to go and see both. Which they won't, at least not on the opening weekend.

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Movies don't come much bigger than this. Set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, a new group of fresh-faced folks are teaming up with some wrinkly but familiar visages on a new adventure on a grand scale. Dont forget this is the first of a proposed trilogy so it might not be quite as epic as it's looking in the trailers, but Abrams and his cast and crew will still have to deliver something special to live up to the crazy amount of hype. The new trailers are getting spoilery, so we're going to go back to the very first teaser - which was absolutely perfect.

This is also out. You aren't going to go see it.

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