At Irish cinemas February 19th


At Irish cinemas February 19th

It's a pretty heavy week for drama with thrills and true life stories and some sea faring stuff for those with the legs for it. We've also got some comedy and a slice of gruesome Western horror which genre fans will want to see on the biggest screen they can find.

The Finest Hours
This Disney film is based on the true tale of a daring rescue in the freezing Atlantic off New England in 1952. The film stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Ben Foster and shows the incredible story of what happened on those seas more than sixty years ago. The effects look pretty incredible.

Triple 9
This hard bitten action thriller is the new film from John Hilcoat - the director of Lawless and The Road. So you know he's not going to pull any punches when it comes to showing the gritty war between a group of thieves and the police and the lengths each side will go to. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul and Casey Affleck.

How to be Single
Fifty Shades' Dakota Johnson is just out of a relationship and wants to see what its like to be alone for awhile, but New York is a complicated place. A grown up comedy about life, love and a lot of drinking with Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson and Alison Brie.

Another true story, this time based on the struggle by a gay woman (Julianne Moore) to legally leave her pension to her partner played by Ellen Page. A 2007 documentary on the subject won the Best Short Doc Oscar and this talented cast no doubt brings the story to startling life.

Bone Tomahawk
You likely haven't even heard of this one but if you're a fan of particularly hard edged horror its definitely one to check out. Made on a tiny budget its a testament to the skill of writer/director S. Craig Zahler the he attracted such an amazing cast including Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox and the great Richard Jenkins.

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