At Irish cinemas July 15th


At Irish cinemas July 15th

All eyes will be Ghostbusters this week as the reboot finally arrives in cinemas after months of complicated reactions from audiences. There's also a film about two grown men trying their best to rescue a kitten.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are the new Ghostbusters. They're a ragtag collection of characters who have to save New York when spooky things start happening. Let's wait and see what it's like before passing early judgement.

Man adopts kitten, kitten goes missing, man and his friend have to go to the streets to get the cute fuzzy things back. We've been watching promos for this for months and it looks absolutely hilarious, with more than a pinch of John Wick in the mix. Reviews in the States we positive and this should be a whale of a time.

Mom and Me
Irish documentary filmmaker Ken Wardrop impressed back in 2010 with His & Hers, and now he's back with what's destined to be another massively engaging doc. It focusses on men and their relationships with the parents, told through conversations with a radio talk show in Oklahoma.

At Irish cinemas July 15th on
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