At Irish cinemas June 24th


At Irish cinemas June 24th

It's time to find out what happens 20 years later, as the aliens return to get a little revenge in Independence Day 2. And some other stuff is happening too.

Independence Day Resurgence
Roland Emmerich is back to blow some some stuff up, and no one does it like him. The aliens have returned and they're more than a little peeved, let's see if humanity can survive this time. We're guessing probably.

The Secret Life of Pets
The folks behind the Despicable Me movies and those adorable Minions want to see what your pets get up to when you leave for the day, and it's looking pretty hilarious. Voices include Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper and Albert Brooks.

Elvis & Nixon
Did you know that Elvis (yes that Elvis) requested a meeting with President Richard Nixon? And that it actually took place in 1970? The tale gets told on the big screen here, with Michael Shannon as the music legend and Kevin Spacey playing another President.

The Meddler
Widow Susan Sarandon packs it all in and moves with her daughter (Rose Byrne) to LA to try to get a new lease on life. Things get comedic, then dramatic and the music kicks in when you're watching the trailer.

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