At Irish cinemas May 20th


At Irish cinemas May 20th

The X-Men series continues with its latest entry, and it's supposed to see in big changes for the squad. Plus there are some dramas if you're into something alternative and no other big movies looking to compete with Professor X and his crew.

X-Men Apocalypse
The First Class crew (that's the younger X-Men) are back with some new versions of older characters to fight their biggest threat - the first ever mutant with the name of Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Nicolas Hoult and Rose Byrne will be trying to take him down. This one is going to have one huge ending.

A young man moves to the French countryside with his mother and finds himself in a complex relationship with a local. Andrew Steggall's first feature is a riveting drama about family and attraction with gorgeous cinematography and some terrific performances by the young cast.

A Hologram for a King
Yep, there's a Tom Hanks movie coming out that you haven't even heard of, and it's directed by one of the people behind Cloud Atlas. The story is about an American salesman who travels to Saudi Arabia to sell a holographic teleconferencing system. It's Hanks' lowest grossing film in almost 30 years.

The Silent Storm
Damian Lewis (him off Homeland) and Andrea Riseborough (her from Oblivion, no the other one) feature in this bleak drama set on a remote Scottish island. Shot in 2013 and buried after poor reviews, it's now available for your enjoyment.

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