At Irish cinemas November 20th


At Irish cinemas November 20th

In cinemas this coming week, we're finally going to find out what happens when Katniss Everdeen takes the fight to President Snow. It's kind of hard to think about anything else in cinemas!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
All the trials have led to this. Jennifer Lawrence stars for the last time as Katniss Everdeen, bringing a newly roused populace to the Capitol for one final fight against the powers of the evil President Snow (Donald Sutherland). It's going to be a blockbuster and, based on the book, it should be an emotional ride in cinemas as well.

The Dressmaker
Kate Winslet stars as a woman who returns to the small town in Australia to show the locals how to sew like they really mean business. There's some revenge and some drama going on as well, and Liam Hemsworth pops up in a very different movie to The Hunger Games.

Enter the Void director Gaspar Noe is back with a new film and unsurprisingly it's also proving to be divisive. His latest is a dark drama about relationships and is notable for being shot in 3D and also containing scenes of graphic, real sex. Audiences have generally been more bored than titillated to date.

The Perfect Guy
A young woman meets a man who seems to be everything she has been looking for and... well you probably know where this heading. Sanaa Lathan (she was in Blade!) and Michael Ealy star in this thriller which was a big box office hit in the States.

At Irish cinemas November 20th on
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