At Irish cinemas September 23rd


At Irish cinemas September 23rd

The biggest release this week has one of the most amazing casts you'll ever see, and it's a rip roaring action film to boot. Plus there's horror on offer as well.

The Magnificent Seven
You may not have expected a remake of the 1960 classic western but this movie directed by Antoine Fuqua is a heck of a ride with an incredibly extended action sequence at the end. It doesn't hurt that the starry cast includes the likes of Denzel Washingon, Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio and Ethan Hawke, reteaming with the director and co-star of 2001s Training Day.

The Girl with all the Gifts
Based on the book by M.R. Carey, this is a different take on the zombie movie which puts the focus on the young and has been earning some great early reviews. Mostly it looks like it's working to bring something new to this sub-genre which is always welcome. Starring Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close, Paddy Considine and young Sennia Nunua.

Daniel Radcliffe continues to try to distance himself from the shadow of The Boy Who Lived by taking on another intense drama. This latest sees him as an FBI agent who goes undercover in a gang of white supremacists. Expect to see a very bald version of that familar face, alongside the likes of Toni Collette and a bunch of TV heads. And the reviews so far have been strong.

De Palma
Carrie, Blow Out, Scarface, The Untouchables, Mission: Impossible... even if you don't know the name Brian De Palma you've definitely seen some of his films. Now the 76 year old filmmaker talks candidly about his life and career in this documentary which is a must for film fans.

Like them or hate them, musician Rob Zombie isn't about to stop making films. This latest is about a bunch of canival workers who are being chased and murdered by folks dressed as clowns. It's definitely violent and should appeal to fans of his work. Everyone else... maybe not so much.

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