At Least Three Star Wars Spin-offs Coming


At Least Three Star Wars Spin-offs Coming
The success of initial trio of flicks will determine whether more will follow...

With the hype machine focusing its attention almost exclusively on J.J. Abrams' Star Wars debut, the as-yet officially untitled Star Wars: Episode VII, it seems that Disney is hard at work in expanding the series' universe. Company CEO Bob Iger spoke about the planned spin-offs set within the universe during the company's quarterly shareholders' call this week.

According to Variety, the executive outlined the plans to supplement the forthcoming new trilogy with three additional movies, all to be released within the next ten years. While this doesn't quite tie in with Disney's initial plans for a Star Wars movie every year, it certainly comes close.

Should the first batch of side-shoots prove to be successful commercially, the studio has plans for even more to follow. To date little is known about the plans for the new movies, but it has long been rumoured that they'll follow some of the key characters in the franchise either before or after the events of the main movies.

If Disney is willing to be flexible with timelines, that could mean some interesting developments in the overall storyline of the Star Wars universe. While characters like Boba Fett and Han Solo have been mentioned as the potential focal points for these movies, we'd be especially interested in seeing a new series focusing on Darth Vader's rise to prominence between the events of Episode III and Episode IV. Fingers crossed someone can make that happen!

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